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Quick Facts


Developer: Daniel Mullins, based in Vancouver, BC [personal website]

Development Status: Pre-alpha, currently being crowdfunded

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Contact Email:

Social: Twitter, Facebook

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter

Press Coverage

"If Pokemon was rated M, it might go a little something like Catch Monsters." - HeyPoorPlayer

"Hearthstone and Pokemon Unite in Catch Monsters" - GameSkinny

"Catch Monsters is a creepy version of Pokémon" - BitPulse



  • The best parts of Pokémon: catch and train a variety of cool looking Monsters
  • Innovative card battle system inspired by CCG's like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering
  • Open world with nonlinear progression, get lost in side quests
  • Join one of the three factions and gain unique benefits
  • The indie touch: I am one guy with complete creative control, nothing is stopping me from creating my vision for Catch Monsters


Game Description


Catch Monsters is an adult re-imagining of Pokémon that focuses on a more mature narrative and a deeper single player experience. It is an open world RPG adventure game.


Catching Monsters is at the heart of Catch Monsters! Monsters come in one of three types: Elemental, Feral or Mystic. 

Monsters are commonly acquired by knocking them out in the wild and using an item to subdue or contain them (if it is legal). Monsters can also be purchased at a bazaar or even crafted! 

Monsters are trained both in battle and by using them outside of battle. For example, using your Wooly Tusk as a mount will train it and allow it to level up. This will unlock abilities such as new Moves in battle or even upgrades to its speed outside of battle! 


The combat in Catch Monsters is card-based, allowing you to assemble a customizable deck of moves that your Monsters will use in battle. The combat moves at a fast pace but still requires you to think about your decisions every turn. 

Your Monsters will learn new Moves for your decks as they level up, allowing you to create more specific decks to defeat the more difficult opponents in the game. 


While exploring the world of Catch Monsters you will undertake quests both in a main story arc as well as side arcs in a similar fashion to The Elder Scrolls series. The rewards for these quests can be a new Monster, an item, or a Move that can be used in combat. 

You will have the opportunity to join three factions, each representing a different type of Monster: The Elemental Guild, The Feral Fraternity, and the Monks of the Inner Eye. 


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